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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Big Four Mine, Again. - "bones were discovered"

 After purchasing fuel in Trona we crossed into Inyo County, a few hours after sunset.
 It appears that we were equidistant from a couple of places.
 Driving up Big Four Canyon looking for a level spot.
 Moon over Hunter Mountain at our sort of level spot.
 Dawn, looking southwest, from our camp, toward Panamint Springs.
 7 AM and time to start the hiking up the canyon before the sun was higher.
 Some flowers along the way.
 Old stove on the right, Big Four Mine on the left and the sun rising in the canyon ahead.
 Photograph of the Big Four Mine looking north from the south side of the canyon.
 Panorama looking west down the canyon.
 Ore bucket for the tramway that connected the mines to the canyon floor.
 Heading back to camp.
 Lake Hill in the distance on the left and our truck closer on the right.
 Later in the morning I watched a vehicle drive down the road, turn and park facing our camp. Curious. More curious was that it remained in that position until just before we passed by on our way back to pavement. As we approached it backed out and drove away.
 A cloud above the Panamint Dunes casts a shadow over the valley.  In 1998 a car was found abandoned at the dunes trailhead and in 2003 bones were discovered in the dunes that were identified in 2006 as the remains of Patricia Partin, aka Blue Scout, aka Nuri Alexander.
 Driving out of Big Four Canyon.
On the valley floor headed south toward Lake Hill.
One of the Lake Road Cars with Panamint Butte in the background.
Getting close to pavement.
The Panamint Range with Telescope Peak on the left. Have been to the summits of four peaks in that range. If the reader is interested in some fun drives in that range, here are a few of our favorites: the Pleasant Canyon/South Park loop, Goler to Striped Butte, Trail Canyon to the Morning Glory Cabin.
We turned right and drove west to Panamint Springs. New record for the price of gasoline, in 2008 we paid $5.16 in Bridgeport.
Father Crowley Point with the Panamint Valley below.
Panorama of CA 190 from Crowley Point.


  1. Beautiful photographs Mr. Johnson. MT

    1. Thank you, MT.
      Looking forward to photos of your new FWC.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree, good memories, but no one walked into our camp at midnight like they did yours in 2012.