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Monday, April 7, 2014

Olancha Dunes - "Doppelgänger"

 Looking back at the road just traveled. (CA 190)
 Quick stop at Dirty Socks Spring.
 Entering the the dunes.
 We drove out to the largest dune and set up camp.
 Traffic along US 395 from the dunes.
 Olancha, Olancha Peak and Orion at 10 PM.
 Olancha Dunes Camp at midnight.
 Dawn on the Olancha Dunes.
 After breakfast I went for a stroll into the dunes. Trivia for any Twilight Zone fans, the Season Two episode, "A Hundred Yards Over the Rim," was filmed at this location and a few miles Southeast at a cafe in Grant. YouTube video about the episode here.
 Leaving the dunes.
 Junction of the CA190 and US395. Time to head for home.
Driving south on US 395 a new FWC on a sharp looking Tacoma drove past and gave us a wave beckoning us to pull over. We complied and had the pleasure to meet Dave Marks who is a reader of our blog.


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    1. It was a fun night for photography at the dunes although Jan stayed up about three hours later than usual.
      Thanks for commenting BB.