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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Santa Rosa Flat - "Her dead snake proved to be quite alive"

 Driving into Santa Rosa Flat
 We set up camp in the late afternoon.
 Soon the sun began to set and the clouds left the sky.
 After dinner it was time for some photography. A nearby Joshua Tree looked fabulous in red. (ISO too high.)
A light streaked across the sky.
 And then lights circled our truck but I don't think there was a connection.
 Sunrise on Santa Rosa Flat.
 On our way to the Santa Rosa Mine.
The road is drivable to the very top of the ridge, but not knowing that at the time, we parked at the last landing and walked the rest of the way.
 The mine sits high in the Santa Rosa Range and lead and silver ore were mined until the 1950's.
 Panorama from top of the ridge.
 One of the mine portals.
 A foundation high on the ridge just below a portal.
 After lunch we drove south toward Talc City with the Argus Range in the distance.
 Why a photo of me wearing my backup pair of sunglasses? For several days my regular sunglasses had been trying to get lost and somewhere near the Santa Rosa Mine they made their escape.
 Approaching the Viking Mine Camp.
 Jan posed for a photo in a window.
 And then she admired the view from another window.
 The cabins of Viking Camp.
 Some flowers
 at the camp.
 Time to move on to another mine.
 The White Swan Mine in the distance. What happened to the White Swan Cabin?
 We parked and walked up to the mine.
 About 30 feet inside.
 I heard a noise behind me and was surprised to see Jan in a glare of sunlight. She doesn't normally venture into mines.
 Beside me was a short shaft.
 Outside Jan shouted that she had found a dead snake. A moment later her dead snake proved to be quite alive as it rattled and crawled into some nearby rocks.
 Rails leading to the ore hopper.
Leaving the White Swan Mine.


  1. Another great adventure! Thanks for sharing. MT

  2. Thanks for commenting, MT.

  3. The "dead snake" is a Panamint Rattlesnake (Crotalus stephensi), in case anyone is wondering.