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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kaibab Plateau, North Rim Grand Canyon - "the blazing hot desert"

 Our camp in the Kaibab National Forest north of Grand Canyon National Park. We arrived here around 2AM after driving across the Mojave at night because of the blazing hot desert daytime temperature. At 11PM when we drove through Las Vegas the temperature was 96ยบ.
 In the morning we enjoyed cloudy skies and a cool breeze.
 It was wonderful to be in cooler weather but soon it was time to pack up camp and drive on to our original destination.
 Our route was along a very straight road that paralleled the park border.
 For miles the road traveled in a straight line with the boundary about 100 feet to the south.
 Eventually we turned North on another equally straight road.
 And then a right turn through the forest to reach our destination.
We set up camp at the edge of the forest.
 Looking Southeast toward the canyon.
 Bosco and I hiked out to the point.
 We stumbled across this survey marker on our stroll.
Marble Canyon from Marble Point.
 As Bosco and I returned to camp rain clouds were forming.
 Soon they were headed our way. About ten minutes after this photo hail and rain pummeled our camp.
 After the storm a rainbow appeared over the canyon. The remainder of the afternoon and evening was calm and cool.
Early morning on the North Rim.
 After a leisurely breakfast it was time to move on to another campsite.
We made a quick stop to hike down into Marble Sinkhole.
This ancient sinkhole was about 40 feet deeper than the surrounding terrain and showed evidence of development.

We drove on through the forest.

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