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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kaibab Plateau, North Rim Grand Canyon Pt. 2 - "rain hammered the camper"

After leaving Marble Point we drove on through the forest toward Saddle Mountain.
When we reached the Saddle Mountain trailhead our route continued on to a promontory about a mile to the East.
Looks like Sarah was here again.
Our camp on the promontory.
Rain over the canyon.
About 90 minutes later a large storm cell began to head our way.
The lightning and thunder moved closer.
We abandoned our campsite and retreated back into the forest.
And just managed to set up the camper before the clouds released a downpour. For about three hours the rain hammered the camper, flashes of lightning lit the forest and thunder boomed across the plateau.
The next morning we drove back to the Saddle Mountain trailhead and re-established our camp.
Another view of the Canyon from our North Rim camp.
Later in the morning Bosco and I hiked the Saddle Mountain Trail.
It was hot and humid and shade was scarce.
Discovered a summit register on Peak 8881.
We hiked on toward a forested flat about two miles in on the trail.
View Southeast toward Seiber Point.
On the way back to camp another storm formed over the canyon and started to head in our direction.
I hustled down the trail with Bosco moving a lot faster than me.
About an hour after Bosco and I returned the storm hit and we spent most of the evening in the camper.
The next morning shortly after breaking camp we sighted this couple.
Then it was on to the next part of our North Rim trek.

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