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Friday, June 10, 2016

Two nights at Halfmoon, Los Padres NF - "water surged up to the headlights"

 I rendezvoused with Mike in Frazier Park.
 And drove West toward the Grade Valley Road.
 This road was opened to traffic by the USFS on May 1st.
 The Big Blue Van following behind. A few minutes later a doe crossed the road in front of Mike.
To reach our destination we had to cross Piru Creek. There were two vehicles parked before the ford because the drivers had determined it was too deep. About halfway through the crossing I had the same thought myself when the water surged up to the headlights on the Tacoma.
 Evening became night as we set up camp at Halfmoon Campground.
 Trees silhouetted by the light from Los Angeles.
 The same stand of trees in the morning light.
 A photograph of our camp from tree top level.
Tall Jeffery Pines made an outhouse look very small.

 We hiked down the 4x4 road until it was hot enough to turn around. Bosco enjoyed what little water there was in the creek.
 The shade below the pines was comfortable and later in the day a pleasant breeze arrived.
 We sat in the shade, enjoyed the breeze, talked and read. (Well, the humans talked and read. Bosco chased flies and collected pine sap on his fur.)
 Panorama of our camp.
 In the afternoon we hiked again and Bosco romped through the forest.
 Mike in silhouette as he prepared dinner.
 Another night at Halfmoon and not much had changed in 24 hours.
 The dawn air was almost frosty
 because the overnight low was 35ยบ.
 A drone's view of a nearby campsite.
 Later in the morning we packed up camp and began our drive for home. I stopped at a location where Piru Creek crossed over solid rock to judge its flow. That small trickle is the entire flow of Piru Creek on June 10th.

 The Big Blue Van can be seen in the photo, center right, climbing the grade out of the valley.
 I followed behind.
 Leaving Grade Valley behind.

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