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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Subterranean Explorers in the Mojave - "eager to get underground"

94 spelunkers were lined up and eager to get underground.
 Their first stop was a lava tube inside of the crater.
(photo credit: Keira Banks)
Then they moved out into the lava field.
 And crawled underground.
 As sunset approached the spelunkers returned from their subterranean explorations, hiked back to the vehicles and began the drive for home.
 Dave and I ate dinner in the darkness listening to the booming of bombs and artillery a few miles away on Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command 29 Palms.
 Later Dave drove away into the darkness while Bosco and I retired into the camper for the night.
 Dawn on a shoulder of the volcano.
 Later in the morning we searched a new area looking for lava tubes and we found one.
 It was named "Not a Bad Cave.'
 Bosco was concerned as I disappeared into the cave.
 One last look at the volcano until our return next year.

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