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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fish Lake National Forest, Utah

We camped here for several nights while hiking six peaks in the area and watched some satellite television in the evening.

10,551 Point camp near Mount Terrill.

View from 10,551 Point camp near Mount Terrill.

View of Mount Marvine from UM Pass
We hiked Mount Terrill from a spot near here.

Herd of Elk that we encountered on the hike to Mount Terrill.

The summit of Mount Terrill 11,547

Found along our approach to Mount Terrill

Summit of Monument Peak 11,047
Near Magleby Pass

Camp on an eastern ridge overlooking Fish Lake.
The device hanging from the tree branch at the front of the truck is a Sunshower so Jan can freshen up.

Jan enjoying the view of Fish Lake after her shower.

Farnsworth Reservoir
At this camp a herd of cattle terrorized Jan during the first night.

Near Farnsworth Reservoir

Farnsworth Reservoir camp

Farnsworth Reservoir at dusk

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