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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Imogene Pass, San Juan Mountains, CO

Camp Bird Road

Fording Sneffels Creek

Mine near the trail.

Climbing some rock steps on way to Camp Bird Road, Imogene Pass Road

Fording Imogene Creek near Upper Camp Bird

Cabin at the Hidden Treasure Mine

Portal at Hidden Treasure Mine

A small herd of deer grazed around our camp most of the evening including this curious young buck.

Our camp on the east side of Imogene Pass near the Hidden Treasure Mine

Entering the Alpine Zone east side of Imogene Pass

Driving down the east side of Imogene Pass

Imogene Pass and the guy in the JEEP said we would not make it with a camper. His last words were, "See you back in Telluride."
I think the east side is a more difficult drive than the west.

Nearing the summit of Imogene Pass Road

Entering Savage Basin east of Telluride

Cimarron Mine ruins

At the Cimarron Mine, Imogene Pass Road

Penn Tunnel, Imogene Pass Road

Driving up the western side of Imogene Pass Road after departing Telluride.

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