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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Beef Basin, Utah

We did not see another vehicle during our entire time in Beef Basin and no complaints about that from us.

Beginning the descent into Beef Basin

One of the many ruins in the basin.

We had planned to continue on into Canyonlands but were concerned about the condition of the stream crossing before the park boundary after the recent rains.

Another thunderstorm but a beautiful photo opportunity.

One of the hazards of the back country.

A plug solved the problem until we reached civilization.

This photo was taken after a tremendous thunderstorm and hail storm blasted through our position east of Beef Basin.
After many years of tent camping we were pleased to be snug in our FWC.

Nice looking buck spotted alongside the road.

Exiting Cottonwood Canyon after visiting Beef Basin


  1. What tire inflator would you recommend? I have Firestone Destination ATs.

    1. I carry a 12v compressor ( and a hand pump as backup in case the compressor stops working. When going into remote places like Beef Basin we carry two spares.

    2. Thanks kindly for the information and link. This is a valuable piece of equipment when getting off the beaten track--or should I say getting on the beaten track.