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Monday, July 22, 2013

Burnside Lake - "echoing off the rocks above our camp"

We drove back to Blue Lakes Road to visit with some friends who were section hiking the PCT.
 Jan and Jo Ann shared thrift shop stories and discussed the effectiveness of anise as a mosquito repellent.
Later in the evening we heard a vehicle moving fast along the road with a siren blaring. Soon a parade of emergency vehicles passed by our camp. Someone had been injured and when the helicopter flew over our camp we surmised that someone had been critically injured. We never discovered what had happened.
After dinner everyone retired to their respective truck campers for the night.
Shortly before 9PM my game camera photographed Jan. Why is her nose elevated in such an aloof manner?
The next morning we bade farewell to Clark and Jo Ann as they headed south on the PCT. They were backpacking the section from the Tamarack Trailhead to Sonora Pass.
We drove NE on CA 88 and then south on the bumpy dirt road that leads to Burnside Lake.
In the early evening we paddled around the lake exploring the entire shoreline.
 Burnside Lake isn't very large but it is a relaxing place to paddle.
View of our launch site.
We left Burnside Lake around 10AM after an interesting night. Shortly before sunset a small group of young people set up camp about 100 yards from our camper. They then started playing really loud music. Their tunes were echoing off the rocks above our camp. Jan and I looked at each other and laughed. This group of twenty-somethings were playing the greatest hits of the 70's. How could we be annoyed? These were the very same songs we once blasted from our speakers 40 years ago.
Our next stop was Indian Creek Reservoir.
We paddled the reservoir for a short time but found the lower elevation of this lake and its campground a bit too hot and humid and decided to head for Carson City.

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