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Friday, July 26, 2013

Hot Creek and Convict Lake - "flash of lightning and booming crash of thunder"

 After leaving Carson City we headed south for home. We drove the June Lake Loop looking for some friends who camp there every year during this week of July but could not locate their RV. 
Hey Fairchilds, where were you guys?
Next stop was the Crystal Crags Lodge near Mammoth Lakes to meet other friends. When we arrived they surprised us with a pontoon boat picnic. It was a lovely afternoon on Lake Mary, eating, drinking, talking and fishing. All that changed at the first flash of lightning and booming crash of thunder. Lake Mary was quickly cleared of watercraft much to the disappointment of Gena. She had rented a paddle board with the devious plan of photographing me creating a memorable splash. I have no photos of our time at the lake because I didn't take my camera.
 The first time I camped at this location was around 30 years ago with some rowdy friends who enjoyed soaking and other recreational diversions.
If those rocks could talk. This time it was just Jan and I, and the rowdiest event during our stay was a nearby cow calling for its calf just after sunset.
 Jan had never been to Hot Creek, so we drove over to give it a visit. Thinking about 'if places could talk.' From everything I have heard, some lively stories would be told about the antics of people who visited this place, especially in the 60's and 70's.
 The view east. Rats! The plan had been that the next time we came here it would be with a still frame from John Wayne's "True Grit," so I could take a photo at the spot where Rooster and Mattie were waiting for Ned Pepper to arrive at the cabin. Didn't have the photo. Arrrrg.
Looking west. If a reader doesn't have the time to drive to Colorado in search of "True Grit" locations watch this video by JeepsterGal. If you go to Colorado, this website provides directions to the film's many locations. It would have made things much easier for us in 2004.
 After our stop at the hot springs we moved on to Convict Lake for a quick paddle. The wind was much calmer than our visit earlier in the month.
 The smoke from the Aspen Fire, which seemed to be everywhere on the Eastside, was absent.
On US 395 headed south, smoke from the Aspen Fire in the distance.
Time for us to skedaddle home because grandchildren were stopping for a visit on their way back from Japan. Yippee!! We had been on the road for 24 days, 20 in the Four Wheel Camper.

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