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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mono Lake - "glassy with barely a ripple"

 Our camp, south of Mono Lake and north of Mono Mills.
 Nearby was the abandoned grade of the Bodie and Benton Railway. Photo credit and more info:
 Evidence that someone else had been here albeit a long time ago.
 The wind was gusty when we set up camp but started to moderate after dinner. We hoped it would remain calm so we could paddle Mono in the morning.
 Sunset near Mono Lake.
 Rays of the rising sun illuminated Crater Mountain.
 Early morning and the wind was calm so we packed up camp and drove down to Navy Beach.
 The surface of the lake was glassy with barely a ripple as we launched and paddled over to the South Tofa Towers.
 Close up South Tofa Towers.
 It was a beautiful morning to be on Mono Lake. When here last year the wind had driven everyone off the lake and there were whitecaps hitting the tofa towers.
 It was noon when we paddled back to the Navy Beach launch site, loaded up the canoe and bade farewell to one of the best paddles in California.
We drove north to Bridgeport and then west to another pair of twin lakes. After looking at both lakes we passed on paddling them and instead set up camp in the upper section of the Crags Campground.
 Our section of the campground was so peaceful and quiet that several deer browsed while we relaxed for the evening.


  1. Thanks for the cool blog.
    We have a four wheel camper and love it, too. I'm also a blogger, mostly about food and garden but have written a few posts about traveling with the camper.

    In your most recent post, it looks like you're driving with the camper up? True?

  2. Read your blog posts on the Oregon getaways. Will have to visit the Kalmiopsis. All of our travels were with the camper down.The zucchini, potato, tomato gratin with pesto looks delicious.