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Monday, July 15, 2013

Woods Lake - "I'm blaming it on the salsa"

 Woods Lake Camp. This was the first site where I needed to dismount the 80 watt panel and follow the sun.
 During one of our paddles we met Fran Pritchard, the owner of Killer Salsa, in Minden, NV. Back on shore she gave us a jar of her salsa and later Jan reviewed it as "zesty and tasty, definitely not your run of the mill salsa."
 There is a beaver lodge at the far end of the lake but we saw this beaver close to a small island near the parking lot. Jan just about jumped out of the canoe when the beaver gave the water a warning slap with its tail.
This large heron feeding along the shore wasn't disturbed by us or the people fishing along the shore.
For some reason I did not take many photos at Woods Lake.
I'm blaming it on the salsa. (wink)

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