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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bone Creek Camp SNF - "Levi levitating his father."

I drove north to Bakersfield, then east following the Kern River to Kernville.
Just north of Kernville, moments after sunset, I stopped at a well equipped camp.
To visit with some friends: Levi, Sidney, Josh, Joey and Chuck.
After a couple of hours I drove farther into the mountains and set up camp under moonlit clouds.
About an hour after dawn and time to begin the drive to meet Josh and his family.
Later that morning they broke camp and drove higher into the forest to visit five score sequoia. 
Exterior of a sequoia.
Interior of a sequoia.
Then we drove deeper into the forest and set up camp near Bone Creek.
Levi using his heretofore unknown powers and levitating his father.
It was wonderful to camp with Josh and his boys. Completed the circle because many years ago when Josh was a about Joey's age the two of us would go camping . (No bears on this trip Josh.)
Josh and his family began their drive home while Bosco and I drove on to explore more back-roads.
Driving SE of Mule Peak.
I spotted tracks on the road.
Looks like Ursus Americanus had been strolling down the road. I wondered if that was what Bosco was growling at the night before.
Soon we were on the western edge of the Long Meadow Grove.
Bosco is in this photo but very small but that is what a Sequoia does, makes everything seem insignificant.
We took a different route back to the truck through a field of Mule Ears.
Looking at the map I noticed a named peak a short distance away. Bosco and I hiked to the top of Table Mountain. Bosco is probably thinking, "not much of summit."
Later in the afternoon, after exploring more roads, we arrived at our campsite high above the Rincon to the east.
Dawn and time to break camp and head for home.
Capitol Rock looming above Johnsondale.
Standing on the old bridge over the North Fork of the Kern River. I have been at this same spot during the spring in previous years when the water was roaring past with such violence that the bridge was vibrating.
Near a campsite that friends and I used to frequent at Brush Creek. (That is all I will share but it should be enough to find it.)
Same location looking down stream.
Lake Isabella, or what remains of it. The low water level is not entirely a result of the drought. Several years ago the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) limited the lake’s normal storage capacity.