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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Danner Meadow SNF - "gray clouds began to form."

 Bosco and I drove up Nine Mile Canyon headed for higher elevations and cooler temperatures. We stopped at the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Stunning to think that this system is still functioning over 100 years after construction.
 We arrived at a campsite near Danner Meadow in the early evening.
 I read while the sun sank below the horizon and Bosco was teased by the local squirrels.
 Dawn at Danner Meadow. The overnight low was a refreshing 46 degrees.
 Bosco on Danner Meadow.
 After lunch we hiked some old logging roads
 And after a few miles found a viewpoint that overlooked the Rincon.
 On the way back to the FWC we found a remote campsite that looked like it had been used recently.
 Soon gray clouds began to form above our location.
 And then it began to rain. I placed a can outside to measure the rainfall and recorded about .25 inches. There was enough precipitation that water was flowing down the road.
 Second dawn at Danner Meadow.
 After breakfast we drove over to West Meadow
 It is larger than Danner and had a very small stream flowing through its center.
 We spent the rest of the day driving the back-roads near Sherman Peak and occasionally hiking to viewpoints.
Later in the afternoon we left the storm clouds above the Kern Plateau behind and
began a descent down Nine Mile Canyon to the desert below.

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