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Monday, June 22, 2015

Coyote Lake INF - "followed the moon on its journey across the sky"

The sun was setting behind the Sierra as we drove north on US 395 on our way to Bishop.
The view to the south.
After purchasing fuel in Bishop we found Coyote Valley Road and began the 5,000 foot climb.
Bishop in green and the Inyo Mountains in orange.
Sunset on the switchbacks. 20 years ago I made this climb in my Subaru and every couple of miles someone driving down the road advised me to turn back.
We set up camp at about 8,800 feet and watched as two planets followed the moon on its journey across the sky.
Leaving our ridge camp and on the way down to cross Coyote Creek.
Arriving at Coyote Flat. Birch Mountain, The Thumb and a bit of the Palisades far in the distance. Sky Haven looming on the right.
After leaving a note for Dan and Jeff we turned right at the junction, drove on to Coyote Lake and set up camp.
Bosco and I sat in the shade above Coyote Lake. Shame that is was dry because Bosco and I would have taken a swim. Well, it would have been a swim for him and more like a wade for me.
Bosco was soon distracted by a couple of ground squirrels.
Late in the afternoon Dan, Jeff and their children arrived.
Evening found us gathered around a campfire.
Sunrise at Coyote Lake.
A view of our camps from the bottom of the lake.
After breakfast Dan, Jeff and their children set out to explore the area while Bosco and I went on a hike.
Their first destination was the Rocky Bottom Lake overlook on the Brackett Propect road. They later reported that Rocky Bottom Lake was dry.
The evening was spent gathered around another campfire.
Leaving Coyote Lake the next morning with Coyote Ridge in the background.
Soon Dan and Jeff were far ahead. I caught up with them in Bishop. They were headed for Schat's Bakkery but I decided to drive to Lone Pine and visit Horseshoe Meadow once again.
In the parking lot we found Jo Ann, Clark, Judy and the four goats getting ready for another hike. Bosco and I joined them.
The stream running through the meadow was almost dry. Quite a change in seven days.
On the way down the hill we gave a lift to a couple of PCT through hikers. While at Clark and Jo Ann's goat ranch the hikers helped feed the youngsters.
After watching a spectacular sunset courtesy of the Sierra Wave Bosco and I drove down to US 395 turned south and headed for home.

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  1. Beautiful campsite, planning to camp out there in the next few months.