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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Horseshoe Meadow - "jumping across a stream and into a photograph"

 Driving north on US 395.
 Upon reaching the Boulder Creek RV Resort south of Lone Pine we turned left off US 395 and onto Lubken Canyon Road.
 Our destination was the home of friends Clark and Jo Ann. And the timing was very good because Jo Ann's sister Barbara was preparing a Dutch Oven dinner.
 The evening came to a close with clouds over the Sierra.
 Dawn at my Lone Pine campsite.
 After breakfast we drove up to Horseshoe Meadow for some goat training.
(photo credit: Jo Ann Ward)
An old goat and a young goat relaxing next to a stream.
(photo credit: Jo Ann Ward)
A young goat jumping across a stream and into a photograph.
Hiking through the forest with Clark carrying his pack but in the future the goats will be carrying his pack.
More goat-training.
The goats and their owners headed down the road for home but Bosco and I camped high above Owens Lake and watched as the shadow of the Sierra Nevada moved across the dry lake bed.
Sunset at our camp above Lone Pine.
Early in the morning we drove back up to Horseshoe Meadow.
Trail Peak in the distance and Bosco contemplating a swim. While reading the register log book on the summit of this peak years ago I found the signature of a friend from five years earlier. 
Bosco jumping across a stream. He must have enjoyed this activity because he did it scores of times.
Mount Langley from Horseshoe Meadow. Entry from my peak journal; "Hiked in from Horseshoe Meadow over New Army Pass, no go on Old Army(scary icy snow conditions). After climbing through large snow cornices at the top of New Army we dropped our packs at Old Army saddle and headed for the summit. Several false summits but the view from top of the peak was spectacular. I ran short of water, ate snow. We camped at the Old Army saddle and continued on to Rock Creek in the morning."
Bosco photo-bombing my reflection shot. Cirque Peak far in the background. It was my first mountain in California. While backpacking/camping near Cirque Lake several of our party decided to climb to the top. We knew nothing about routes and just climbed up the east face. Little did I know back then that this little adventure would lead me to the summits of more than 300 other peaks.
We spent most of the day enjoying the meadow and nearby forest but as the sun set it was time to head for home.

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