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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Northwest Coast Trek - Washington Pt 1

FWC and the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

This marker commemorates the location where Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific. It is the end of a very cool broadwalk documenting the journey of the expedition.

Coast Camp 4 - 46°17'1.76"N, 124° 3'32.41"W
Cape Disappointment State Park and another relaxing ride.

North Head Lighthouse, Cape Disappointment, WA.

Why would the coordinates change?
Did they move the lighthouse?

To quote a friend of mine who lives in Oregon:
"Trees are a crop like corn. The only difference is that instead of being harvested once a year, trees are harvested every 50 or 60 years."

Jan contemplating a walk on the beach at Ocean Shores, Washington.

Seems like a good opportunity for a FWC photo.
You can drive on the beach for several miles at Ocean Shores.

Sunset silhouettes Jan on the beach at Pacific Shores.

 We stayed at a motel in Aberdeen but should have gotten a room in Ocean Shores. The prices were about the same.

Returning from a drive to the coastal location of Oil City, where there is neither oil nor a city.

Equipment used to help ...

Matt to move his vehicle to a safe location.
His truck had broken down at a curve on a hill on the Oil City Road. He had made a phone call for a friend to come and help but was worried about a logging truck turning his Chevy into a "Found On Road Dead."

There we were minding our own business driving down the Hoh River highway when a loud cracking sound reached our ears and a tree fell onto the road, missing us by mere inches.

Coast Camp 5 - 47°49'14.84"N, 124°10'51.36"W
Hoh River west of Olympic National Park.

We camped here after visiting the Hoh Rain Forest.
The next morning I left early and rode on towards Forks.

For those who don't understand the significance of this photo: click here. I read that tourism in Forks is up 600%.

While dining at a restaurant in Ocean Shores a man suggested the 'taco pizza' at this location in Forks. We tried the pizza and Jan remarked, "Taco salad yes, taco pizza no."

Entering the Makah Reservation on our way to Cape Flattery the farthest northwest point of the contiguous United States.

We passed several of these warning signs on our drive west. Each one reminding us to purchase our recreational permit.

We did.

The farthest northwest toilets in the contiguous United States. But they have one more distinction: The toilets in this photo were chosen by us as the most aromatic in the Pacific Northwest. Guaranteed to clear your nostrils and bring tears to your eyes. Ammonia enough for all.

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