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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wandering around Washington Pt 1

Camp 1 - 48°54'20.98"N, 121°42'0.48"W
Douglas Fir Campground - Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. After registering our campsite we drove up the Highway 542 (Mount Baker Highway) towards Artist's Point.

Because of heavy winter snows the road was closed just after Picture Lake. A newspaper reported that the snow was still 20 feet deep in some places on the Artist's Point Road and that it wouldn't be open for another week.

Mount Shuksan
and FWC.
It was disappointing to not reach Artist's Point but I did get to enjoy a relaxing eight mile downhill bike ride back to our campsite.

Jan relaxes at our camp beside the North Fork Nooksack River.

Exploring one of the forest roads.

Note: Jan likes bears just as much as she does bridges.

A Barred Owl patiently poses for a photo.

Making our way back to pavement.

Headed for Twin Lakes.
Linked photo by thething64

The lakes were about 200 yards past the next bend.
Snow was hip deep 50 feet further on.

Driving back down the switchbacks of Twin Lake Road with Goat Mountain in the distance.

Mount Baker and FWC.

We drove to the Mount Baker Viewpoint.
Picnic tables and parking for 20 vehicles.
The view must have been impressive 30 years ago.
You would think that with all the logging in the area that the forest service could have 15 trees felled in front of the viewpoint.

A much better view 75 yards from the viewpoint, along the road and above a recent clear cut. We ate lunch here and other viewpoint visitors commented that this was the preferred spot.

Gorge Powerhouse, Newhalem, Washington
The story of Seattle Power building the dams and powerhouses on the Skagit River is remarkable.

Camp 2 - 48°42'57.32"N, 121° 9'4.73"W
We found this scenic campground 1/2 mile below the Diablo Dam, it is provided by Seattle Power, free of charge.

Campground art.

Jan snapped this photo of me relaxing by the river from inside the FWC.

Our camp next to the Skagit River.


  1. Now, Where in America have you never gone to? You guys travel a lot and you inspire me a lot. Especially because travel together. Its a great lesson to me. Thank you for the post.

  2. We haven't been to Rhode Island. Twice we were in Connecticut. It was silly not to have driven 20 miles to RI. We want to take another trip to Alaska.