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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wandering south to California Pt 1

We head south towards Moscow, Idaho via Spokane where we had lunch and did a little shopping along Division Street.

Wheat fields along the Washington/Idaho border.

FWC and railroad trestle over Benewah Lake.
All the campgrounds were full so we continued south into the night towards Moscow and as night closed in we found a campsite at:

At Seal Rock Campground we met a RV'ing couple who said that they often stayed at WalMart. So, we drove to a remote section of the parking lot and popped the top.

Morning at WalMart in Moscow, Idaho where "we saved money and lived better." (Camp 5 ?)

We woke early and continued south headed for Lewiston, Idaho.

The old auto road winding down Lewiston Hill seemed much more interesting than the modern highway as a route into town. After a fantastic breakfast in downtown Lewiston we continued on to our goal, the Snake River and Hell's Canyon.

Driving south along the Snake River into Hells Canyon, it was once called the “Grand Canyon of the Snake River.”

Driving west along Grand Ronde River.

Jan picks berries along Horse Creek Road. It was a little early in the season.

Elk cow enjoying brunch.

Elk cow and calf moving to another buffet.

A bit further up the road Jan spotted Apricot trees.
She picked a handful. They were ripe and tasty.
Purple thistles dominated the fields and roadside for the next few miles.

These two fellows were fighting over a small herd of cows when we came around a corner. They called a truce just as I began to shoot video of the battle.

Climbing out of Hells Canyon.

Reaching the high plateau near the corral at Cold Spring Cow Camp.

Our "pick up trash along the road" bag.
On this road the collection consisted of:
11 soda cans, 14 beer cans, two Styrofoam cups, one glass Snapple bottle, two glass beer bottles, one large aluminum can and one bullet riddled fire extinguisher,

View of Imnaha Canyon from the Buckhorn Lookout.
After this stop we head west to Central Oregon.

Camp 6 - 44°57'52.82"N, 118°16'17.89"W
We set up camp about 40 minutes after sunset.
Dawn west of Anthony Lakes in the Elkhorn Range.

A doe paid us an early morning visit.

A FWC and the Sumpter Valley Dredge.


  1. Wow! Jan was so lucky to find an adventure so full of fruits. I hope she picked enough. And the Elk, i always wish to meet one some day. I think i will travel to California some day. Hopefully i will find the Elk still there waiting for me.(haha) Great adventure you had.

  2. The drive up from the Snake River was a lonely one. We only saw one vehicle in five hours of driving. We wanted to drive on to Imnaha but did not have the time. Now I wish we would have made the time.