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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wandering around Washington Pt 2

We stopped at a rest area and admired the surrounding peaks.

This AP story explains it all.

Camp 3 - 48°21'33.52"N, 119°54'46.11"W
It was late. Campgrounds in the area were full but there were numerous forest roads. This location was more than adequate.

We visited a very cool museum in Okanogan, WA.

Chief Joseph's rifle.

Several rooms full of historical objects and interpretive displays.

This relocated log cabin built in 1879 and is furnished with contemporary items.

The 1911-12 Omak High School Basket-ball Team
Naismith invented the sport in 1891 and here it was being played in a remote section of Washington only 20 years later. Would have been something to see.

This safe is just one of hundreds of neat old items on display.

Lake Roosevelt with the Kettle Falls Bridge in background.

Camp 4 - 48°40'15.66"N, 117°25'55.48"W
In the mountains above Ione, Washington.

After four years of digging holes or piling rocks we purchased some leveling blocks. Why did we wait so long?

Driving out of the forest and down into the Pend Oreille River Valley.

We spotted these loaner PFD's hanging from a sign and remarked that it must be nice to live in a town where this is possible.

We drove north to another border crossing north of Metaline Falls, WA.

The obligatory border photo.

There was book sale going on in this old railroad car in Metaline Falls. Hundreds of books, no one around and a sign informing customers to deposit money in a box located under the sign.

We enjoyed a great breakfast at Cathy's Cafe in Metaline Falls.
After breakfast we drove west to Boundary Dam and found another free campground provided by Seattle Power. At this site campers are also provided with free firewood. Further up the road free tours are given at Gardner Cave, again courtesy of Seattle Power.
We then decided to head south towards Moscow, Idaho via Spokane where we had lunch and did a little shopping along Division Street.


  1. Do people deposit the money as instructed really? Just wondering. And hoping you took a book and deposited the money. Nice account of Washington Journey Part 2.

  2. Yes, the book sale was entirely on the honor system.